GurujiWorld Featured in the Top 5 Best K12 Solutions in India for 2022 by The Enterprise World

In the 2022 edition of The Enterprise World Magazine, GurujiWorld was featured as one of the top 5 best K12 Solutions for 2022 in India. This title further solidifies the profound impact that GurujiWorld has brought to the affordable private schools of rural India. 

In an interview with the Enterprise World, Mr. Girish Prabhu the founder and CEO of GurujiWorld gave an insight about the journey of the company from its inception to the current situation. He also spoke about GurujiWorld’s iDEP school program which has been the central focus of the company. 

You can read the entire interview here: https://theenterpriseworld.com/gurujiworld-simplifying-learning/?feed_id=10028&_unique_id=627c9d51b95a3